Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest economy with a GDP of $888 billion (based on ppp), ranking 10th in the world and averaging over 5% growth over the last decade. In the last 18 months, growth has slowed to below 5% and is projected by the World Bank to be 4.7% for 2015. President Joko Widodo […]

Manufacturing Indonesia is keen to diversify and develop its manufacturing sector and transform its low-value manufacturing capabilities to more high-value products. The government hopes this can be achieved through developing the automotive industries, chemical manufacturing, and electronics through the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap. The sector currently contributes to 20 percent of GDP and employs 15 […]

International businesses planning their 2021 investment budgets should see Indonesia as ASEAN’s best growth potential in the long-term. Already the largest economy in the region, Indonesia is expected to become the world’s fourth- largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity by 2030. The government is continuing to enact structural reforms to develop a more […]