Market Entry and Expansion

Anise Partners helps clients develop and execute market entry and expansion strategies in Indonesia. We leverage our unique insights, diverse experiences and influential local networks to provide the intelligence, connections and resources necessary to access and grow throughout the region.

How we support our clients

Develop market entry strategies

Including market assessment, business matching, strategic planning, tactical execution.

Identify leading strategic and local partners

Conduct due diligence on the benefits and risks of engagements.

Support in market

On-the-ground deployment and tactical support through our US and Indonesian-based teams.

Manage local complexities

Navigate through local regulations, languages and cultural nuances to successfully execute business objectives.

Challenges we solve for our clients

I am looking to expand my business to Indonesia. Where do I start?

We can help you identify the most relevant opportunities in Indonesia for your specific needs and/or strategic direction. We leverage our global expertise and local network to explore the right entry strategy for your business.

Can you help me understand the Indonesia landscape?

Absolutely. Indonesia is a dynamic economic environment. We can help you understand the ins and outs of doing business in Indonesia from projecting the relevant costs and investments to navigating regulations and cultural nuances.

How do I find business partners in Indonesia?

Finding the right local partners in Indonesia is crucial for a successful market entry. Through our local network of leading conglomerates, investors, start-ups and government officials – we can get you connected to the right people and partnerships crucial for your success.

How do I deal with Indonesian-specific regulations?

We help our clients overcome the challenges of operating in the Indonesian market. We offer general information on legal, financial and employment matters. Moreover, we can connect you to our on-the- ground team and advisors to provide insights and approaches and to guide your entry into the Indonesian market.

Can you also help expand to other parts of Southeast Asia?

Yes. We have a network of regional and local partners in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.