Government Engagement

Business and politics are interwoven in Indonesia. Anise Partners helps companies navigate through Indonesia’s dynamic and complex regulatory environment. Through our highly influential network of government stakeholders, we provide our clients access to public and private sector opportunities

How we support our clients

Engage key local stakeholders

Identify regulators, corporate strategic partners and strategic influencers. Comprehensive due diligence and risk assessment.

Build local relations across private and public sectors

Facilitate strategic partnerships with trusted local enterprises (including banks, family offices, conglomerates).

Source public sector contracts

Strategize business development initiatives within government procurement and domestic budget priorities.

Deliver insights

Actionable insights on emerging geopolitics trends, trade data and investment frameworks across Indonesian and greater Southeast Asia region.

Challenges we solve for our clients

How do I find and get access to relevant stakeholders?

We understand that it is a challenge for many companies to identify who the relevant government stakeholders are, let alone shape a message that suits them – especially in an international market where the cultural values are new to the company. And yet it is so important to develop good working relations with government representatives for a successful business venture within the public sector.

This is how we can help:

  • Identify key contacts, explain the role they play and how they interact with each other.
  • Help you to complete proposals and submit tenders.
  • Give advice on the opportunities of partners and alliances.

How do I find partners in Indonesia?

Finding the right competence and technologies is crucial for a new business to grow and thrive. We understand that this can be a challenge for international companies that lack the necessary contact network.

This is how we can help:

  • Connect with regional partners and their local network.
  • Identify relevant clusters and/or industry organizations, research institutes, universities, innovation companies etc.
  • Forward your request for support to suitable business partners, including bookkeeping agencies, lawyers, auditor firms and payroll professionals.

Do you also help companies expand to other parts of Southeast Asia

Yes. We have a network of local partners in Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.